Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Crazy Couple Weeks

Hi Fam,
Sorry I didn´t write last week, it just didn´t work out. A lot has happened in the last two weeks. So anyway, here goes.
Transfer day was good I got the package. The candy bars were really good and we´re still enjoying the peanut butter. The best part of course were the letters and the tape. A sad thing happened though. That huge letter I got from the Haynie or Pratt reunion, I don´t know which, got lost on the bus ride here before I even got to read it. I was pretty bumbed about that. Anyway it was a cool day. Our bus didn´t lweave from there until 8:30 at night so we were at the mission office all day. We also went on splits with the missionaries there. That night right before we left President Parrella told us we were going to a different area in Boa Vista. Well we spent a week in the best area I´ve ever seen, but of course reality had to set in. Last week the night before P-day our ZLs told us that we were switching areas with the sisters again going to the area we were going to in the first place.
There is a lot of work to do in this area and I´m glad to do it. There aren´t enough priesthood holders so our district president is from another district. This city is really cool. Its amazing. Doing street contacts we just straight up ask people if they want to get baptized and theres a good number that say yes. I´ve really been quite suprised. Anyway we have three baptisms planned for next week and more the week after, so things are going good. 
My comp, Elder Nobrega, is great. He is the most obedient and faithful missionary I´ve ever seen. We are working very hard, and I´m learning a lot. 
I´m really excited about next monday. We´re goign to have a conference with all the missionaries in Manaus. That means I´ll get to see the missionaries from my group. I´m escpecially excited to see Elder Nixon again. I´ve actually missed him quite a bit.
Anyway, Life is great. I hope yours is too. Oh late happy birthday Mom, and happy birthday Ben.

Elder Bangerter