Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Almost died of shock

howdy fam,
The most amazing thing happened last week, it seems to be one of those rare mission events. I got two letters! I couldn´t believe it. Thats the first time in about 5 months. Its nice to know I at least have two friends in this world. Thanks Linnae and Jared.
Anyway, life is actually going great, and another thing that is far better than letter is that three people were baptized on Saturday. It was the first time I´ve performed a baptism since June, so that made it even better. We baptized Thelma who is the mother of a member, and two young women; Mayarah, and samara. It was the perfect way to end general conference, which of course was wonderful. I love general conference. I always learn so much and always walk away with so many things to work on. I particularly enjoyed how much they talked about the importance of prophets and apostles, considering we had thirteen investigators there. Ya, this weekend really was a blast.
We opened up transfers on Monday and as I expected I´m still in this area with Elder Nobrega This transfer we are going to baptize a lot of people. I´m way pumped, just this Saturday we should baptize five people. The Lord is truelly blessing us in this area. It is really cool to see how many people are ready to accept the gospel in their lives.
Anyway, thats about whats going on in my life. These two photos are of Wesley that we baptized in my last area and the baptisms this week.
Elder Bangerter