Tuesday, September 21, 2010

They call me the wanderer‏

Howdy Fam,
Life is going great. I am now officialy the only missionary in the field that has been to all four states. Porto Velho is a nice place and I´m quite enjoying myself. Elder Brown and I are getting along great and this transfer is going to be a lot of fun. It´s his last one so we´re trying hard to make it a good one. We didn´t have any baptisms on Sunday, but this week we should have three, and there´s also a couple of families that we´re working with that we just need to help get married, so we´re seeing what we can do about that.
I´m enjoying my new area. We´ve got a good challenge ahead of us. We need to get the ward attendence up to a hundred so the the ward doesn´t close. When Elder Brown got here the attendence was about thirty five and now it´s up to sixty, so things are already improving. I´m sure that we´ll be able to do it.
Anyway that´s about all that´s going on down here. I hope everything is goign well there.
Elder Bangerter

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