Wednesday, June 1, 2005

good times and last conferences‏

Howdy Fam,
It sounds like things are going great, and that everything will be completely different when I get home. Everybody´s moving away! It´s all good though. Mom, say goodbye to everyone that´s moving for me.
As far as your questions mom. There are two zones here in Rio Branco, and each one has eight missionaries. When I got here the first time there was also another city about an hour and a half from here, but now they´re by themselves. Anyway, being a zone leader doesn´t change much. All we do is baptismal interviews, and training in the zone meetings on Mondays. In this area we also get everything ready for the zone conferences. President´s last conference will be monday and transfers will be on Wednesday. I don´t know if I´ll get transferred or not. Either way it will be cool. The mission had a record of baptisms this month 366. We had one baptism last week. This week will be good. We have two baptisms for sure and Gilberto should get back tomorrow so we´re going to marry and baptize them before I get transferred.
Anyway, I gotta run.
Elder Bangerter

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