Wednesday, May 11, 2005

growing up‏

Howdy Fam,
Its kind of hard to believe that Sunday was already my last phone call before I go home. I know that I´ve already mentioned this many times, but it´s interesting the things that time does to you while you´re serving a mission. There´s part of me that feels like I´ve been a missionary my whole life and another part telling me that I just got here yesterday. Either way though, its been great until now and I´m sure that the last six will be even better.
It was great to talk to all the cousins. The last time I talked to Joseph was over three years ago, so it was particularly good to talk to him. I´m quite excited to be his roomate after my mission like we´d always talked about. Matt, sorry I didn´t recognize your voice. I´m a little scared that you´ll be bigger than me soon. It will be fun to hang out and get to know you again after I get home. It was a wonderful surprise to talk to Steven and Tevan, it brought back a lot of good memories. Anyway, as you guys know, your the best family and friends I could ever ask for, and the great thing is that time doesn´t change that, on the contrary it just makes the feelings stronger. Crystal, keep up with the portuguese, I want to chat when I get home.
Things are going well here. We had three baptisms on Sunday and we should have four or five this week. Mom and Dad, I love you guys too.
Elder Bangerter

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