Wednesday, April 27, 2005

where do i begin?

Howdy Fam(that now includes you Whitney),
There a lot to say and I´m not sure exactly where to start. I just got a lot of news all at once. first, tell the Kellers that they´ll be in my prayers. I´ll miss Ruth. Second, Mom if you see Linnae tell her congratulations on the wedding, that´s great.
Life here is going wonderfully as usual. We had 2 baptisms on Sunday. Five people passed the interview but then 3 weren´t baptized, but its all good. One of them will be baptized this week. As it turns out my companion got transferred. He´s flying out to Manaus tonight. My new companion is just coming from another area in Rio Branco, his name is Elder Cidade and I´m looking forward to being his comp. He seems like a really cool guy. This month our mission had a goal of 350 baptism but we just managed 316, but next month has five weekends so the goal is 400. It will be fun to see what happens. President Parrella only has two months left, so we´re going to help him go out with a bang.
Whitney, I know that officially you´re not my sister yet, but like it or not in 11 days you are. Just let me say, good luck!
Elder Bangerter

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